07- Balkan Kilim

Description: An interesting, historical piece, this kilim was made for an important Muslim dignitary in the late Ottoman Empire named Rageb Pasha. His name is inscribed in Cyrillic script on the top, left corner of the main picture which would have been the top right of the kilim. The Cyrillic writing indicates this was possibly made in Bosnia, Montenegro, or the Sandzak region of today's Serbia. Two flower-decorated lozenges rest on a red field, itself decorated with chains of flowers. The lozenges are of slightly different sizes and the majority of the larger lozenge is a slightly darker shade of mint green as the result of the yarn being dyed in a different batch. The central red field of flowers and lozenges is bordered on the long sides with a serrated trim of green. The field and two green trim pieces lead to a border of 84 combs; each comb has a fetter design within. 27 florals of roses in two colors, complete with veined foliage, surround the whole on a black border. The long edges then display a complicated, toothed red line. The top of the kilim has a small white fringe, while the bottom has nice, thick corded tassels in white.

Estimated Age: Mid 20th century

Dimensions: 333 cm X 252 cm