10- Northen Kilims

Description: This is a spectacular kilim depicting a basket of roses on a carmine red field thrown into high contrast by dark, floral corners surrounded by a restrained baby blue border of floral garlands. A subtle Christian motif can be discerned in the red and black crosses that feature in the arcades of the border garlands. The warp, or threads that go the length of the kilim, are pink, red, and white, giving continuity to the field beyond the border; this is a remarkable feature. This type of kilim was made by or for Christian families and used as a wall-hanging or floor kilim for weddings and similar events on very rare occasions. The symbolism has strong connotations for prosperity, fertility, and happiness for the owners. It's fine quality and orientation make this perfectly suitable for hanging. Natural dyes.

Estimated Age: Late 19th century or early 20th century

Dimensions: 207 cm × 150 cm