101- Northern Kilim

Description: This kilim features a pattern found on many Bosnian-produced pieces from the 19th century which themselves were based on NW Bulgarian motifs from earlier periods. The long sides have a serrated black edge. The outermost border in stricking sky blue contains approximately 52 roses. An inner border of deep blue contains 32 roses. The rich red central field is dominated by three 'Beogradski kolu (key)' patterns that are found in certain kilims from NW Bulgarian which then spread throughout the Ottoman Empire in Europe. The central medallion is a rich pattern of many colors. From the central green point on the 'bomb' or stylized bird form, the colors from the inside out are: green, black, white, pink, yellow, gray-green, blue, cream, burgundy/wine, cerulean, light blue, cerulean, black, cerulean.

Estimated Age: Late 20th century

Dimensions: 215 cm × 185 cm