110- Balkans

Description: This large kilim contains the tree of life motif which is found in the NW Bulgarian kilim group. This particular kilim was made in the last few decades of the communist period and is in an usused condition. Likely created as a wedding gift to be used only on rare occasions, it is large, spectacular piece that was likely made in Montenegro, Kosovo, or the Sandjak region of Serbia. warp threads are red, while the weft threads appear as burgundy in the border. The short ends have an alternating red and burgundy band while a red, serrated edge is found on the long sides. A thick, brown-burgundy border follows and is covered in 68, multi-colored stylized fruit trees with hanging fruit. A yellow serrated line separates the border from the central red field on the long sides. The central field contains 6 Trees of Life, each featuring 22 alternating green and pink flowers that have white details. Made in four panels, this was likely the product of a rural household and is of very high quality.

Estimated Age: Late 20th century

Dimensions: 324 cm X 240 cm