12- Northen Kilim

Description: This ingenious kilim features a design pun playing with the motif of the double-headed eagle in slightly abstract form with the industries, community-oriented honey bee. The piece features 352 hexagons, each containing a double-headed eagle/bee, with 48 miniature forms along the outside border. A narrow red edge along all four borders is serrated on the longer sides. A thick black band containing a single line of red bees encased in green honeycomb surrounds a red field of black honeycomb with black and white bees. Natural dyes in four colors: red, black, green, white. This has rarely been used and was only brought out on the most special of occasions. The use of green is unusual with this red, white, and black combination. Mint condition.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 320 cm X 222 cm