13- Northen Kilim

Description: This is a kilim from northern Albania that may have been inspired by Bosnia kilim patterns from the 19th century in the late Ottoman Empire. The usual floral motifs are present, but unusually horse motifs are incorporated into the design; animal motifs are far rarer than floral ones. A saw-toothed edge is found along the long sides. A pale blue border features 36 red and burgundy roses each with three leaves, enclosing a narrower black border on which there are 103 leafy fronds in red, turqouise, green, plum, and white. The central zone of the kilim is extremely complex and represents a garden surrounded by water and features three islands each in a pond. There are 12 right triangles, half in burgundy and half in green, each with a water-wave edge on the hypotenuse and containing a horse, and two lozenges, small and large, in three colors each, probably representing tables of plenty and prosperity.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 346 cm X 243 cm