16- Northen Kilim

Description: This is a very large kilim featuring a narrow red, serrated edge on all four sides surrounding a deep black border with 30 corsages of flowers which adjoins another border in cream with 56 small floral designs. The central field of crimson has a large, beautiful bouquet of roses in the center. The four corners of the field are filled will flowers on a navy-blue background and a delicate mint-green, hooked edge. A wonderful feature of this kilim are two sets of initials in the central flowers. One set is in Cyrillic script, indicating Montenegrin influence, while the other is 'JK', reflecting a Latin or Catholic influence, hinting at either an Orthodox and Catholic marriage, or more likely a marriage between two ethnic Albanians, one from Montenegro where Cyrillic script was used, and the other from Albania, where a Latin-based script was used. In any case, the initials make this a unique cultural treasure.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 321 cm X 247 cm