19- Northern Kilim

Description: This is an exceptionally large and heavy kilim discovered in northern Albania, but possibly wove in neighboring areas of the former Ottoman Empire in Europe. From the outside, we have a red, plain border. Next, we discover 200 humanoid figures with raised arms, perhaps in celebration or warding away evil, standing on a beige zigzag line. A medium-sized green border contains zig-zag line of blue, white, and beige parallelograms defined by a red edge, creating a 3D effect. Then follows a narrow blue zigzag line that leads on to a deep black border featuring a red and blue vine or perhaps a line of serpents. The zig-zag line of multi-colored parallelograms repeats, but on a blue background in red, white, green, and black, with pink edges. Now we enter the red field with 206 four-petal flowers in the corners and central medallion. Grapes and tortoises may feature in the center, or perhaps butterflies. The central field has signs of abrash from different dye batches, which clearly would have been a challenge given the size of this kilim. The weaver(s) interwove the different dye batches of yarn in order to lessen the contrast. Mint condition as this would have been used only on the most important occasions by a wealthy family with a substantial guest room.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 380 cm × 323 cm