20- Northen Kilim

Description: A superlative example of a kilim featuring the Beogradsko Kolo (Belgrade Key) design. This piece was likely woven in the late Ottoman Empire either in Sarajevo or was created after a local, Albanian weaver was inspired by a similar piece. Those using the palette of colors, the different emphases make a dynamic, stylistic contracts between the border and the central section. The kilim uses the following colors: red, mint green, white, burgundy, pink, blue, yellow, lavender, and black. What is interesting is that this is a marriage of two completely different kilim patterns. The interior is geometric and stylized, evoking mathematical precision, while the border is organic and free form with flowers of different sizes and irregular vegetation. This kilim is in excellent condition considering its age. This would have been made for a wealthy household and used only for important guests in a well-appointed room reserved only for visitors.

Estimated Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 360 cm X 245 cm