21- Prizren Kilim

Description: This high quality, double-paneled weaving from the region of Prizren, Kosovo, is notable for its surrounding fringe. Fringes of this nature are unique to area. The most vibrant colors available were used in this beautiful kilim that served as seating on the floor or to cover a divan. There are 31intricate bands which have three principal designs. These are a narrow band of comb designs, a band of six small lozenges, and a band of four large lozenges. The lozenge patterns alternate and are separated by the small comb designs. The pattern starts and stops with the small lozenge bands. The fringe is added separately and is of deep burgundy wool. This piece was made by a bride as a gift for her new husband's family on a horizontal loom. This piece is rarely seen outside Kosovo. Pieces of this type were used for sitting on the floor or to cover a small piece of furniture.

Estimated Age: 50 years

Dimensions: 205 cm X 123 cm