22- Northen Kilim

Description: This kilim is an old NW Bulgarian design often found in the homes of the wealthy and also in mosques and important buildings was popular in northern Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia. This kilim represents a flower garden. The garden has border of 28 pansies and a large, central bed of 5 irises. The black border and the central red field are separated by a white serrated pattern that may represent a fence. A delicate baby-blue serrated line appears on the long sides of the border. Interestingly the irises and pansies are multicolored and the overall colors are rich and deep. The flower representations contrast vividly; the pansies are organic and free from, while the irises are more geometric. A very similar kilim was donated to a major mosque in Mostar, Bosnia by the Emperor Franz Joseph in 1910, helping us date our piece.

Estimated Age: 20th century

Dimensions: 307 cm X 210 cm