24- Prizren Kilim

Description: A joyous, exuberant example of a Prizren regional piece. A multifunctional piece, this was made by a bride for her husband's family. It would have served as a seating and/or sleeping mat, a furniture cover, and/or as a Muslim prayer mat as indicated by the fringe on only three sides. Untied loose threads on the rear side have been deliberately left untrimmed in order to supply padding and insulation when in use for sleeping or sitting. Simple stitching is used to create lozenges or wreaths in the central field. Bright yellow yarn dominates the piece throughout, perhaps celebrating the union of two families through marriage, but also may indicate the cultural importance of yellow-dyed yarns from earlier periods. This piece is consistent with other Prizreni region weavings in that geometric shapes dominate with the square wreath patterns rotated at 45 degrees, each bound by white, pink, and/or burgundy enclosures with white and yellow hooks.

Estimated Age: Mid 20th century

Dimensions: 179 cm X 116 cm