26- Northen Kilim

Description: The simple design of this exquisite, gigantic kilim belies an intricacy of detail which is applied to each of the features. The outer edge is a serrated red line, leading to a black border on which rest 44 alternative red and beige roses. This border zone is defined by a white line which leads to the central crimson red field. This field contains arrangements of roses and foliage in each corner which are symmetrical. A diamond-shaped central area is bound by a flowering black vine which is often found in Pirot-style kilims which originate from Pirot, Serbia in the 19th century. The flowering vine has five small tulips on each obtuse corner of the vine. The central area features roses and blue flowers arranged organically, contrasting to the symmetry found through the rest of the central field. Abrash is evident, indicating natural dyes were used.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 377 cm X 289 cm