30- Kukes Carpet

Description: This is a piled carpet from the very mountainous region of northeastern Albania in the area of Has. Called a sixhade (sijada), this item was woven to serve as a comfortable sitting mat, or a prayer carpet, for a guest. Made on a horizontal loom in two pieces, it may have also been created as a gift by a bride for her husband's family. The use of bright, festive colors is typical of the region. The overwhelming effect of the exubirant colors belies the overall complexity and precision of the design which is more clearly revealed on its reverse. There are 56 square shapes outlined in white which are meant to represent wreaths or tables. Green-outlined bands separate the strips of wreaths, and then move to an alternating white and black belt of cubes leading to a yellow and green cube belt, which further lead to a repeat of the white and black cubes and the green border again. This triumph of color and design is an extremely special piece.

Estimated Age: 80 years

Dimensions: 120 cm X 102 cm