35- Blanket

Description: This is a very thin weaving in four panels made on a horizontal loom in southern Albania. Using traditional, natural black and red dyes, as one often sees in home productions in rural Albania then and now, the piece has three sets of triple lines on the shorts. The middle set of three features thicker outer lines giving the piece more character and making a stronger visible presence, useful in helping identify the piece with more ease. A letter or symbol has been embroidered on one corner and appears to be an 'M' or sigma, again allowing easy identification and helping us determine that this 19th century piece was likely used by local military conscript for the Ottoman army. The Ottoman period in Albania ended in 1912 with independence. While this piece was clearly used as a blanket due to the embroidered symbol, pieces of this nature were used to cover bed frames, as blankets, as sleeping and sitting mats, as well as table and furniture covers or to cover a window in the winter.

Estimated Age: Late 19th century or early 20th century

Dimensions: 213 cm × 185 cm