36- Southern Kilim

Description: This whimsical piece clearly indicates two different points of origin in time. The bottom panel was likely the first panel to be started. On one end we see an indigo border which utilized relatively expensive indigo dye for a blue color on a burnt orange background, with this switching to a locally-produced black dye batch of yarn for the remainder of the panel's border with a dusky-pink background from here on out. The repeating, matching loaves moving from left to right switch to a completely different color palette for the final loaves, a salmon pink. The pink salmon loaves may have been created due to lack of large quanties of green-dyed yarn, with only enough to complete half-loaves long the border. We simply will never know, but this charming, historic piece tells a story. The piece was made in the village of Bilisht by local Vlachs (Aromanians) by the same family that provided another kilim in our collection that is dated to 1880.

Estimated Age: 1880

Dimensions: 285 cm X 249 cm