41- Prizren kilim

Description: This spectacular three-paneled weaving is from the region of Prizren, Kosovo. The most vibrant colors available were used in this beautiful kilim that served as seating on the floor or to cover a divan. There are 41 bands of intricate patterns which are each separated by a simple yellow-green-orange-white-blue narrow strip. Fine details include 15 large wreaths or table designs, 132 smaller wreaths or tables, 135 rhombuses in various colors and over 100 complementary triangles, over 1056 12-toothed comb or water design bands. This piece was made by a bride as a gift for her new husband's family on a horizontal loom in three panels which means each panel is slightly different in length, leading to some slight gathering. This piece is rarely seen outside Kosovo.

Estimated Age: 50-70 years old

Dimensions: 391 cm X 169 cm