44- Southern Kilim

Description: This long kilim was likely woven to serve as a divan or couch cover in a traditional Ottoman period house. It may also have seen use as a runner in most recent times. The main imagery in the kilim is that of running water, perhaps waterfalls. There are 7 panels of 12 waves each. The colors contrast greatly. The colors used are: turquoise, white, black, gray, brown, salmon, burgundy, pale pink, khaki, purple, terracota, orange, mottled gray, and more. Abrash found throughout indicates that all yarn was likely dyed with natural colors. Each waterfall is bordered by 9 multicolored bands for a total of 72. The entire kilim has warp threads that are black and white and a burgundy-brown border encases the whole. This pattern is highly unusual.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 312 cm X 64 cm