46- Red/Black Kilim

Description: This kilim type is found in northern Albania, Kosovo, and neighboring regions. Using only two natural colors (almost!), great visual effect is achieved through dramatic contrast. The bright red kilim features 8 black, double-headed eagles that also have a humanoid appearance when inverted. A serrated black border surrounding the red, central field, has 8 red double-headed eagles, being the negative of those found in the red field. The short sides feature 8 double-headed axes on each side. Fine use of white yarn indicates voids in the axes and birds, as well as eyes. Interestingly the central black border encasing the center red field, on the short ends, extends to the edges of the kilim. Also on the short ends, are alternating red and black bands of various thickness in an attractive pattern. Finally, the long sides have thick red bands that fill the space created by the inner black border that reaches the end of the kilim.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 297 cm × 172 cm