64- Red/Black Kilim

Description: This kilim type is found in northern Albania, Kosovo, and neighboring regions. Using only two colors obtained through natural dyes, great visual effect is achieved through dramatic contrast. The bright red kilim features 16 black, stylized double-double-headed eagles (32 in total) in a red field. The long sides have a serrated, unadorned black border. The shorter sides of the red field have a black band that spans the width of the entire kilim. On these bands are a total of 8 stylized eagle heads. Alternating bands of red-black-red complete the piece on the short sides. A white fringe completes the piece which was made in four panels on a horizontal loom, indicating that this is a village production, probably in a remote region. Abrash throughout indicates hand dying in different batches, using natural dyes, adding character and authenticity to the piece.

Estimated Age: 80 to 100 years

Dimensions: 299 cm × 203 cm