76- Southern Kilim

Description: This kilim is a large piece from the mid-20th century, likely the product of a communist-era factory. The various motifs found throughout the kilim are interpretations of patterns found in older kilims of the North West Bulgarian group, such as the light blue images found at the top and bottom of the kilim in the central red diamonds. The use of red and two shades of blue, as well as deep green, make this an attractive piece. As far as our research indicates, it is a unique piece and was abnormally large for the communist period when kilims were reduced in size as the result of smaller, government-constructed and managed housing. It is in unused condition, likely stored as a wedding gift and to be used only on special occasions. This kilim may be a modern interpretation of kilims from the Kolonja region, examples of which may be found in our catalog.

Estimated Age: First half of 20th century

Dimensions: 154,7 cm X 113 cm