88- Shaggy Carpet

Description: This kilim is of the rare 'shaggy carpet' variety made in and around Korce, Albania probably by Vlach semi-nomads. This was clearly intended to cover a divan or to serve as a sleeping mat or floor seating; there is no evidence of stitching to another piece that one would normally expect in this type. A U-shaped border in ink blue with crude serrations on either side contains 10 butterfly forms. The letter A, probably the Greek letter alpha, is also found in the border as a maker's mark. In the red field are two mirrors, each containing a cockerel. These mirrors are connected by stylized vegetations or trees that are flowering and bearing fruit, while hosting birds. No example of this post-1940 has been discovered in our research.

Estimated Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 221 cm X 62 cm