89- Shaggy Carpet

Description: This 'shaggy carpet' kilim-type is from southern Albania in and around the town of Korce. It is composed of partially felted yarn and is made from three separate panels. This has a simple red and dark blue, naturally dyed kilim with a Greek-key border which enclose 6 vertical, flowering vines. Closer examination demonstrates that this is a charming example of domestic production, probably on three different looms simultaneously in three different places as the geometry is off kilter. In fact, no single panel matches the other. The Greek-key border is not consistent, the vines are of different lengths and orientation, and the edge of one kilim does not match any other. This did not stop the creators from stitching them together and enjoying the final product. This is a wonderful, quirky piece.

Estimated Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 176 cm × 156 cm