98- Red/Black Kilim

Description: A village production of 3 large panels, this piece features the common theme of double-headed eagles on a red field, surrounded by black and red borders. The red double-headed eagles in the black border is unusual and striking. This piece is not complete with at least one panel missing and the three panels in this composition are misaligned and the lower border is different on each piece. Oddly, the top border on each piece matches. This interesting, quirky kilim shows some bleeding of the black dye into the red field from the eagle forms, as well as abrash from several dye batches. This piece features all natural dyes. We recomment the piece be separated into three panels to be used as a runner or furniture cover for a divan or couch.

Estimated Age: 120 to 140 years

Dimensions: 277 cm X 153 cm