99- red/Black Kilim

Description: This kilim is of a type that is found in areas of Northern Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro where ethnic Albanians live. From the short ends, there is a complicated border. A thick band of white is followed by two thin black lines followed by a thick black band that is followed by two more thin black lines, all separated by red bands. A large red band follows, covered in 8 motifs in black and white found in NW Bulgarian group kilims since the early 19th century at least that have been interpreted as birds in flight. The red and black band combination already described follows. The long ends have thick red bands that are separated from the central field by a thick black band with a serrated edge. The black bands on the long sides and the central field support 16 double-headed eagles in red and white, depending on location, each with white highlights. The kilim was made on a small loom in four separate panels. The panels are paired, with each pair having the eagles face in different directions, an interesting detail giving the kilim balance.

Estimated Age: Mid-20th century

Dimensions: 290 cm × 170 cm