Kukes Kilims

37- Kukes Kilim

Description: This intricate, unique example of the special kilim type from Kukes is a masterpiece of geometric forms and intricacy. Butterfly forms and birds, as well as a double-headed eagle in the center, provide relief from an otherwise very geometric piece. A detailed double-headed eagle rests on a cream layer that is enclosed on larger butterfly form containing and surrounded by cruciforms. These are contained within a blue square that represents the sky indicated the aerial nature of the central images. Above and below the butterly and double-headed eagle are stylized 8-pedalled flowers which themselves are on an orange field and surrounded by 44 cruciforms. All this is then surrounded by a black band on which 22 8-pointed stars are woven in stark contrast. Above and below the square are two orange rectangles, each containing a table or sofra of at least 12 alternating, hooked bands of different colors. Around the table are 14 carpets for sitting on the left, while on the right there are 13 carpets for sitting. The tables are bisected by geometric, multi-colored bands. To the left and right of the tables are black rectangles containing what may be tables or furniture covered in textiles where food was displayed for the feast that would take place on the larger tables. A rich series of bands and borders encloses the whole. First we encounter on the top and bottom a double row of sigmoid double-head serpents. The long sides display interlocking mirrors containing cruciforms. The next border contains abstract interlocking animal forms in multiple colors. Along the top and bottom we next see 14 matching, double-headed birds. The final border is a series of butterflies, some of which take a more square form. Finally, multi-colored band of double-serrations complete the long edges of this magnificent piece. This kilim's use of orange is particularly noteworthy and is highly unusual.

Estimated Age: Late 19th century

Dimensions: 310 cm X 166 cm