Large Sizes

111- Southern Kilim

Description:Almost square, this is a unique piece. There are no known similar patterns according to our research. Square kilims are often associated with sofra which were weavings that people ate on. This one, however, is over 3 meters wide so is clearly not a sofra. The entire kilim is composed of a single field with no border. The field is Pantone 704, which is close to brick red. There are cruciforms on each corner and mid-way between the corners. These cruciforms hold a central green, orange, and taupe flower outlined in black with four tri-lobed leaflets, probably clover, emananting from the flower. Each cruciform is is further enhanced with fronds, perhaps from a fern, in cream. Delicate tracery of taupe lines creates links with rhombuses placed between the cruciforms and this stretches around the entire edge. Additionally this tracery connects to four tables of plenty or perhaps windows in mint green, orange, cream, and taupe, outlined in black with centered flowers and to the central medallion which features a large stylized flower in the same colors but in different proportions. The tracery creates an 8-pointed star form that is common in Islamic or Moorish architecture, although its full form is partially obscured by the previously mentioned ornamentation. Our investigation indicates that this kilim came from Podgradec area which had large numbers of non-Albanian speaking people, so there may be some distant connection to patterns found in other parts of the Ottoman Empire.

Estimated Age: Early 20th century

Dimensions: 305 cm X 309 cm