Kilim 126
Kilim 126

Kilim 126

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Southern kilim

Korçe, Albania

2nd half of 20th century 

This kilim displays an unusual, repeating band in only three colors which are likely made from natural dyes. A burgundy border encloses the whole and serves as the background color. Probably representing moving water, there are 24 lines of red waves spaces along the entire length. White prominent crests and much smaller white troughs and found in the pattern. The piece is made in two panels, shows signs of use, and was likely made in the second half of 20th century, serving as a floor or bed cover. Its superficial resemblance to Op Art would be purely accidental since Albania was a closed country from 1945 to 1991. 

198 cm X 185 cm / 80 in X 72.8 in

2.5 kg / 5.51 lb